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 MERRY CHRISTMAS #262002-12-24 

OpenGL news The last 7 days:
Vertex Arrays can be used to speed up your application. Draw your models using two different Vertex Array methods in this tutorial.

A Skyboxes can be used to give detail and realism to a scene. It's used to give the viewer a feeling of a "larger world". This tutorial will demonstrate how to implement a skybox.

Learn about projected stencil shadows.

This particle engine demo, has got fire, smoke and explosions. You will be able to walk around the effects with a character.

Dynamic lightning has come to stay. Check out this per pixel pointlight demo in opengl.

Tommy have posted some basic HTML tutorials with a editor where you can change html code and see what happens. I will keep adding such tutorials in the future. Merry christmas :)

Ronny André Reierstad
 NEW STUFF #122002-12-18 

I have posted som new C# tutorials covering aspects like timer, menu and basic programming. I am currently working on an xml-menu tutorial, this is larger then the others and covers some parsing and writing to xml files.

Tommy Johannessen
 NEWS #242002-12-17 

Our Widows NT forum server is down, and we will have to switch to a Linux/Unix server. This means that we will have to rewrite our forum from ASP to PHP, It's not so hard to do, but it may take some time...

Tommy Johannessen.

Soon it will be christmas time and Santa will add some new tutorials.

I have published a new vertex array tutorial in the OpenGL section.

For those of you who don't know it Microsoft have published a new programming language called C#. Tommy Johannessen has started a C# programming tutorial section here at Apron Tutorials. He describes the basics of C#. (project, variables, functions, menu, textbox, picturebox, etc.)

Ronny André Reierstad

We will start adding more tutorials and demo projects in the middle of December.

I'm currently working on different projects with lights, shadows and bump mapping.

I also have to fix the ellipsoid collision test project. The ellipsoid test works fine on my old computer, but I recently purchased a faster computer and found that we should have used a time-based camera instead of a frame-based : )

Ronny André Reierstad
 NEWS #112002-11-15 

I have added a new MS3D Model Loader tutorial in the OpenGL section.

I have not posted much lately since I have been busy with my new MS3D Character Animation Loader. The new loader is built on Brett Porters Skeleton Animation tutorial, and uses quaternion interpolation. I have rewritten the code to load multiple animation files and the possibility to decide the start and stop keyframe of an animation. I have also added a JPEG loader. I will post some demo projects with this new loader soon.

Added a new photoshop ice font tutorial.

Ronny André Reierstad
 NEW MENU #322002-11-08 

We changed the design a little, and added a New Menu. We found out that the Opera Web Browser didn't support, "text over frame" so we had to put it all the way on the top.

Apron Tutorials has barely started a new Photoshop tutorial section.

And you will find some "good'n old" articles about Character Animation, Matrices and Vectors under Articles.

And please ask your questions in the forum : )

Ronny André Reierstad

Morrowland Developer Forum now finished, and we have added some new features.
Our new scripting system makes it possible to write html tags directly into the forum. Post messages with hyperlinks, images, flash movies or even a piece of your own web page. Click this link to go directly to the *url removed*

You can get the Bounding Box Collision Test source code by posting your e-mail in the forum under the *url removed* OpenGL section.

Ronny André Reierstad
 SATURDAY NEWS #92002-10-26 

I'm still on vacation, but I have just finished a 3D collision article (you can read the article in the article section). The collision test is called "The Bounding Box" and is one of the easiest collision tests to learn. The tutorial is also finished but I'm not going to post the tutorial before our new forum is finished..

We're thinking of starting a new NVIDIA Geforce4 TI4200 project section. The new NVIDIA Geforce4 drivers with OpenGL version 1.4 makes it easier to create some really amazing stuff..

Ronny André Reierstad
 NEWS #82002-10-24 

Tommy Johannessen from Stavanger Norway has just joined Morrowland.
He's a computer engineer and one of my best friends from school.
Tommy Johannessen will be working on Apron Tutorials,
and our upcoming web service and forums after November.

I haven't been posting any tutorials for a few days since I'm on
vacation in Sweden. but I have been searching the net for a good
collision tutorial, but I didn't find much. So I decided to create
a tutorial on one of the simplest ways to do collision testing.
My first true collision tutorial will be "The Bounding Box".

Ronny André Reierstad

This project demo will demonstrate how accurate an ellipsoid collision test can be in both complicated terrain and simple landscape. What you will see is a tiny part of my graduate project at HiA called "Game Environment". The original "Game Environment" is larger then 70 Mb so naturally had to change a lot to get it down to only 3 Mb. I removed most of the original objects, but I have kept a little part of the "building" and most of the island.

Use Mouse and WASD keys to move around, hold down shift and W ro run.
Press numbers on keyboard 2, 3, 4 and 5 to toggle view modes.
Press 1 to start lady AI.
Press Esc to exit.

Check out this advanced ellipsoid collision test.
Download the Executable from the OpenGL Section.

Ronny André Reierstad
 CAMERA UPDATE #62002-10-18 

I have updated my OpenGL camera section.

Download the Source Code and Executable from the OpenGL Section,
you can also read the Article here: Camera Article.

Ronny André Reierstad

I have added a new Masking project in the OpenGL section.
This project is far from finished so I will not publish the source code.

I need to learn more about depth testing and BSP trees,
to complete the masking project.
OpenGL can do the depth testing for me,
but I have heard that the GL_DEPTH_TEST is very slow..

Ronny André Reierstad

I have just added a new Lightmap Tutorial to the OpenGL Section...

Download the Source Code and Executable from the OpenGL Section, and
you can read the Article here: Lightmap Article.

Ronny André Reierstad
 COMING SOON #12002-10-12 

New OpenGL Tutorials:

I'm currently working on a new project about "3D Masking".
Masking makes parts of an objects texture transparent.
Flowers, trees, glasses, windows and fences are all examples
of objects that can be drawn with simple transparence techniques.


The use of static Lightmaps and Multitexturing, are
nice ways to make a 3D world look better.
I will create some tutorials about Lightmaps.

More camera tutorials will be added soon..

I'm also thinking about creating a new Character Animation Engine,
that is using Poser4 for Animation.

New 3D Studio Max Tutorials:
- Mapping Techniques.
- How to create a 3D Character..

Ronny André Reierstad
 VISUAL BASIC TOPICS #22002-10-06 

project, button, textbox, variable, procedure, function, timer
learn about modules, class modules, private and public variables.
winsock activex control.

Ronny André Reierstad
 OPENGL TOPICS #32002-10-06 

window, color, translation, rotation, scaling, vertex, triangle, cube, fps
camera kinematix:
learn modern camera movement first and third person.
texture handling:
jpeg, bmp and tga.
model loading:
load 3ds and ms3d ascii models with texture.
take a look at my runtime character bones animation.
collision detection:
take a look at my advanced collision detection

opengl tutorials

Ronny André Reierstad

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